Coronavirus Information for School Districts

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The following information is provided by InterMountain Education Service District and Morrow County School District.

What are the facts?
There are currently NO confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Oregon. There are currently 14 confirmed cases in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local public health agencies, the immediate health risk from this virus is considered low.

What about my school?
We are currently in the regular cold and flu season in the school year. As always, custodians and other school staff are using the same current protocols for cleaning and hygiene in all areas of our schools and will continue do so.

What should my family do?
You should take regular precautions as you would to prevent any cold or flu virus by washing your hands frequently, covering your cough, disinfecting surfaces and staying home when you are sick.

What is my school district doing?
All school districts have plans in place in the event of a widespread outbreak of any virus, like influenza. In the past, if a district has experienced a high percentage of absences from an illness, the district may close schools and do a more intensive cleaning before re-opening. Districts have plans in place for this.

What if my school closes?
In the highly unlikely event that a school must close due to an illness outbreak, we are encouraging teachers to ensure that their students know how to access any classroom work or curriculum from home. This is something that teachers and students will have already been using this school year. Parents should make sure they know how to help their student log in to this information.

Where do I get more information?
This flyer is a good resource about the Coronavirus: CDC Coronavirus Flyer
This link to the Coronavirus page on the CDC website is also helpful: CDC Coronavirus Website

To receive updates from your school district, utilize the same resources you would for any other district information – website, Facebook page, School Messenger calls.

You can also get information from your local County Public Health Agency
    Morrow County Public Health
    Umatilla County Public Health
    Union County Public Health

The InterMountain ESD and its school districts are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation nationwide and in Oregon and will continue efforts to establish contingency plans for schools and workplaces in the event it begins to spread in our region. We will continue to communicate with students, families and employees about preparation and plans.

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